Skipper Sunday: Post Departure

Hi all!

So for those of you who don’t know this series use to belong over on my other site Marketing and Me. For those who followed the series welcome to my new home!

So this series is all about my trials and tribulations as the girlfriend of a Naval Officer Cadet. He attends the Royal Military College of Canada here in Kingston. He just finished his third year and is off training to save the world in Victoria BC. He left Wednesday. As in 4 days ago. Yes, 4 days ago. And ladies and gentlemen, he won’t be home for another 61.


I am sure any seasoned military wife is laughing at me and that’s fine. I am lucky. I talked to him every night before bed even if it is only 8 his time. It is still hard.

That being said it isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. During the build up (which is intense. Its stressful and you try to cram as much time in together as you can.) I thought the sky was going to fall and I would be unable to function without him. Yes, I know it is pathetic as hell. But I am happy to announce it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. Yes, Wednesday was a long day. I was over tired, emotional and a rolling ball of anxiety. That meant that poor Skipper caught that one right between the eyes. He was out with his new roommates and well I needed to talk and I was emotional and he was busy and guess how well that went!

Also, Skipper, or any of Skippers roommates if you are ready this I apologize for the actions that emotional Mackenzie made. I am not in fact that crazed. Most days. Okay fine some days I am.

Thursday was also weird. I just feel weird really. I am the type or person who needs to be busy helping people so before Skipper left I was doing great! I had him to get ready to leave and a relationship that needed my full attention to get to the point where it could take the distance but my job got on that plane and so now I am a little lost floating around in Mackenzie space waiting for another job. So I guess that means volunteer work, at least until July when I can start getting ready for him to come home!

There are good days and bad ones, I guess that comes with everything though. I find the longer I sit around and wait for calls or texts the more pain I am in when they come but trying to stay busy all the time feels impossible sometimes.

Anyway that is kinda all for now. I start getting busy with other super cool things next week so make sure to check back next week for what I am sure will be an interesting story!

T-61 days to Skipper Arrival!