About Mackenzie

Hi! My name is Mackenzie. I am an Advertising and Marketing Communications student in the School of Business at St. Lawrence College. I love my program and all of the craziness it provides. For the first time in my short 19 years I have found something that I found I fit into. These are my stories and experiences surrounding them.

I also am lucky enough to have an amazing human beside me through all the craziness. His name is Skipper (well not really, that’s just his blog name) and Skipper is in the Royal Canadian Navy. Well kinda. He is still attending the Military College here in Kingston. And let me tell you, dating military or navy or an Officer Cadet is not the easiest thing on the planet. But when you see how happy it makes them, it is a little easier to handle. So these are my stories and experiences. I hope whoever you are that my little slice of the internet helps you through the day.

If you are more curious about my adventures in the real world you can venture on over to my other site Marketing and Me!


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