About Victoria

10 Important Things to Know About Victoria Before Reading Her Blog:

1 – I am a day packer. This means that I usually start somewhere around 7am, and end at roughly 9-10pm. This is every day, usually.

2 – I have a wonderful kitten, aptly named Topanga – she has an extra toe on each foot.

3 – Additionally, I have a wonderful boyfriend named Kirk – he has the normal amount of toes, but extra beard hair. He is currently working on obtaining a man-bun.

4 – I currently work 2 part-time jobs: As an Events Intern for Easter Seals Ontario, and as a Portrait Studio Specialist at Walmart.

5 – I also volunteer a lot. I have a position through the college (St. Lawrence Kingston, that is) as part of the executive team for our mentoring program, FUSE. I also coach boys soccer.

6 – I love cooking. I love it.

7 – I am a drunk cleaner. This is exactly what it sounds like. When I get drunk, I clean. When I am cleaning, I drink.

8 – Though I currently sit at a 3.95GPA, my education has not always been good. 2 years ago I failed out of University, which led me to pursue more exciting things, like work and life.

9 – Though I do own a cat, and love her dearly, I can honestly say that I am neither a cat nor a dog person. I am both. My parents have a lovely blonde lab named Dallas, and I love her dearly.

10 – I have an irrationally large family. The family has recently expanded, as my lovely boyfriend (see #3) also has an irrationally large family.

11 – If you google my name (correctly) the only people that appear are myself, and people with my last name. I am related to all of these people. All of them. For real.

12 – Now I have to do 12 points because 11 is a weird number but I think that point was an important factoid.

Enjoy reading, and if you don’t, that’s okay, because I enjoy writing.




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