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A Tight Budget, and Cooking for Seven (days)

Most weeks, I tend to put the “starving” back into “starving student”

This can be seen by many of my classmates, who, last year, were on meal plans and didn’t have to give a single shit about what they put into their bodies, let alone what amazing things they were throwing away.

Conveniently, as classmates, they are in my classes when I am there, and out when I am out, so more often than not, breakfasts, lunches and dinners as an ensemble were a real thing.

This was an awesome time for me.

As I am as broke-ass as a broke-ass student can be, I tended to not do a lot of grocery shopping, since I rarely eat at home (yay class at 8:30 am until class at 6:30 pm!), but I also cannot make any logic of buying caf food.

“That’ll be $15.95 please”

This was nice for me, since my sucker friends would buy these extravagant meals for full price, eat half, and pawn the other half on me.

Note: You cannot buy this in a cafeteria anywhere in the world. This is just a picture. Do not let it make you think that the cafeteria people like us this much. If this was sold, it would cost roughly $45.

Since school has ended and summer (mini-real life) has begun, I am now tasked with feeding myself again. So this is how Kirk and I have been managing:

Day 1: Tuna sandwiches and Red Bull – I had a soccer game. So, I guess we had oranges, too.

Day 2: Admittedly, his cousins cooked us dinner, so there’s that.

Day 2.5: After that we ordered pizza, because pizza.

Day 3: Tuna sandwiches. Don’t patronize me. I had all of the ingredients and I was tired from the day.

Day 4: Take-away Greek, because we have lives beyond work that take up more time than they should.

Day 5: We actually made fajitas with the groceries we bought. Go us!

Day 6: Honestly, we ordered pizza again, because we are pieces of shit.

Day 7: Tonight, we’re having pulled pork because I’m a fucking adult and I can cook whatever I want. Also, I got off work early, and tomorrow I have soccer, so I know that I’ll likely be back to tuna sandwiches. Sometimes you just need to throw life a little curve ball.

So, to all of you young people looking to spend less than $20 on food this week, I recommend the basics: Tuna, mayo, salt, pepper, bread, and at least 1 take away meal. Life is hard. Maybe one day we’ll just all get rich and hire personal chefs.

But I like cooking, so maybe next summer I’ll buy a lunch bag.