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12 Things My Long Distance Relationship Taught Me

Skipper was gone learning how to save the world this summer leaving me half way across the country. It was only 2 months and I did survive. Here is what I learned:

It is HARD


Enough said.

It sucks

It does. Especially in the beginning and when you see all the annoyingly happy couples who pop up ALL THE TIME and all you want to do is choke them. But that subsides. A little.

You won’t always feel lonely


In the beginning especially then after a while you accept the fact that your closest relationship is, in fact, with your cell phone. This is the magically point in time where it totally becomes 100% acceptable to stop shaving and well forget the annoying beauty routine. Also I have been known to watch TV while talking to him on the phone. (Hi Skipper!)


Don’t do it. You’ll be like oh I’m fine, today has been a cake walk and then it’s 2 a.m. and you’re crying on the phone to your half asleep best friend. Like I said. Bad choice.

It does get easier

6357210187939633941178738154_pull yourself together

It will. Eventually you do realize that you can literally do whatever you want and spend every second with your friends and well it’s not like he’s going notice!

Your relationship will change, I promise

Not in the OMG WE’RE GOING TO END. Well I am sure that happens but it didn’t to me. You just become better friends because well lets be honest here, sex is not a thing.

It is okay to not want to talk to them

I promise. It has happened MANY times to me. Some nights I truly just did not want to hear about how awesome the Navy was/is because that was the reason I couldn’t see him. Other nights I felt ignored and like I was always going to come second to whatever it was he thought was more important that night and I just didn’t want to deal with it anymore

Stop listening to Ed Sheeran and go do what you love

Ed Sheeran is not going to sing him/her back. So do what YOU love. I did and it helped. I volunteered, read EVERYTHING, hiked, saw my friends and spent time alone and didn’t feel guilty doing any of it because well if he was going to be oh so annoyingly happy in BC. Damn it I was to and trust me it helps. When you spend time doing what you want the time does in fact pass quickly.

See your friends often, but don’t let that stop when they come home


I saw my friends all the time when he was gone and as much as yes he is home now and I am very happy for that, those girls who were there for me when he was gone are also the same girls who are still there for me now. So see them because there are something Skipper will never understand and somethings that only friendship will heal.

Fights happen.

They do. Even from a distance. The only nice part is you get a lot of time to think it through when you don’t have to see them for another 6 weeks.

FaceTime and Skype are no help

Well they are if you are cool with a super high phone bill or a super awesome wifi frozen screen.

It’s okay to not feel ready to see them

I didn’t. I was terrified that everything would change and it would all be different and I wouldn’t know him like I use to. And to be honest I didn’t know parts of him any more but the blessing in disguise there is you get to meet them all over again in a way.

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A Tight Budget, and Cooking for Seven (days)

Most weeks, I tend to put the “starving” back into “starving student”

This can be seen by many of my classmates, who, last year, were on meal plans and didn’t have to give a single shit about what they put into their bodies, let alone what amazing things they were throwing away.

Conveniently, as classmates, they are in my classes when I am there, and out when I am out, so more often than not, breakfasts, lunches and dinners as an ensemble were a real thing.

This was an awesome time for me.

As I am as broke-ass as a broke-ass student can be, I tended to not do a lot of grocery shopping, since I rarely eat at home (yay class at 8:30 am until class at 6:30 pm!), but I also cannot make any logic of buying caf food.

“That’ll be $15.95 please”

This was nice for me, since my sucker friends would buy these extravagant meals for full price, eat half, and pawn the other half on me.

Note: You cannot buy this in a cafeteria anywhere in the world. This is just a picture. Do not let it make you think that the cafeteria people like us this much. If this was sold, it would cost roughly $45.

Since school has ended and summer (mini-real life) has begun, I am now tasked with feeding myself again. So this is how Kirk and I have been managing:

Day 1: Tuna sandwiches and Red Bull – I had a soccer game. So, I guess we had oranges, too.

Day 2: Admittedly, his cousins cooked us dinner, so there’s that.

Day 2.5: After that we ordered pizza, because pizza.

Day 3: Tuna sandwiches. Don’t patronize me. I had all of the ingredients and I was tired from the day.

Day 4: Take-away Greek, because we have lives beyond work that take up more time than they should.

Day 5: We actually made fajitas with the groceries we bought. Go us!

Day 6: Honestly, we ordered pizza again, because we are pieces of shit.

Day 7: Tonight, we’re having pulled pork because I’m a fucking adult and I can cook whatever I want. Also, I got off work early, and tomorrow I have soccer, so I know that I’ll likely be back to tuna sandwiches. Sometimes you just need to throw life a little curve ball.

So, to all of you young people looking to spend less than $20 on food this week, I recommend the basics: Tuna, mayo, salt, pepper, bread, and at least 1 take away meal. Life is hard. Maybe one day we’ll just all get rich and hire personal chefs.

But I like cooking, so maybe next summer I’ll buy a lunch bag.



My Happily Ever After?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happily Ever After.”

Am I living my “Happily Ever After”? Maybe?

I’m 19. I don’t think there is a 19 year old out there who can honestly say they have it all figured out.

Did I think I would be doing the things I am at 19? No. I never thought any of this would happen. I look back at my 17 year old self and everything is wildly different. When I was 17 I figured by now I would be at Carleton or Ryerson taking a journalism or communications program, maybe playing rugby and in the summer I would be back in Kingston working as a waitress.

Did I think I would be dating a cadet at RMC and doing the all of the crazy things that come along with that? Hell no. I figured I may have a boyfriend but I figured he would just be a normal University student.

But did the changes in my life turn out for the better? 100% yes.

Do I have any regrets? Not a single one.

I love the program I am in at St. Lawrence. College was the best choice I have ever made. I am lucky to have the job I do and I was given the tools I need to do my job because of the education I received at the college.

Now dating my sailor. I have no regrets about him. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have him. Was it what I expected? Not at all but it keeps things interesting and I have learned how to work around the military when I need to.

So all in all am I living my “Happily Ever After”? No. Will I get there? Yes